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Horizons Magazine July/August 2009
What She Said Bible Study - English
What She Said Scripts
¡Nuevo! Todo tienen su tiempo: Un estudio del calendario litúrgico
For Everything, A Season-
Horizons Encore Set With Bible Study
Jubilee! Luke's Gospel fo rthe Poor-2008-2009 Horizons Bible Study-Spanish
Santiago y la integridad de la fe
James and the Integrity of Faith (Spanish)
¿Quién es el Cristo? La respuesta de las epístolas
Who Is The Christ? As Answered in the Epistl
Glimpses of Home: Biblical Images of the Realm of God Korean
2000 Horizons Encore Set with Women and the Word large print Bible study
2002 Horizons Encore Set
2002 Horizons Encore Set With No Longer Strangers Bible Study
2006-2007 Horizons Bible Study: In the Beginning Korean
2007-2008 "Korean" Bible Study
Above and Beyond: Hearing God's Call in Jonah and Ruth
2007-2008 Horizons Bible Study - Above and Beyond: Hearing God's Call in Jonah and Ruth - Spanish e
2007-2008 Horizons Bible Study
Above and Beyond: Hearing God's Call in Jonah and Ruth
2007-2008 Horizons Bible Study
Above and Beyond: Hearing God's Call in Jonah and Ruth
2007-2008 Horizons Bible Study
Above and Beyond: Hearing God's Call in Jonah and Ruth
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2006 - 2007 Horizons Bible Study
In the Beginning: Perspectives on Genesis

In her study, In the Beginning: Perspectives on Genesis (the 2006-2007 Horizons Bible Study), Celia Brewer Sinclair examines familiar stories from the book of Genesis from a fresh point of view.  This study calls attention to parts of Genesis that are less familiar, characters who have been ignored and voices that have been muted, if not outright silenced.  Study helps include key ideas, opportunities for reflection, questions for discussion, prayers, theology explanations and more.

Item Number: HZN06100

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2007-2008 Horizons Bible Study
Above and Beyond: Hearing God's Call in Jonah and Ruth
What does it mean to hear God's Call? It is often assumed that only those who go into some kind of formal, full-time ministry have heard a "call." In the 2007-2008 Horizons Bible Study, Old Testament scholar and pastor Carol Bechtel looks at wha
Joshua: A Journey of Faith-Horizons Bible study English -2009-2010
In the nine lessons of Joshua: A Journey of Faith, Mary Mikhael invites us to explore the challenging, sometimes heartrending book of Joshua. Pursuing such themes as leadership, the promise of land, the concept of holy war and outsiders becoming insiders,
2008-2009 Horizons Bible Study English
Jubilee! Luke's Gospel for the Poor
In the nine lessons of Jubilee! Luke's Gospel for the Poor, Dale Lindsay Morgan highlights Jesus' message of jubilee: "... he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor... to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to
Journeys Through Revelation 2010-2011 Horizons Bible Study English Edition
Although brimming with mysterious symbolism, Revelation is a book of hope that has sustained the oppressed through the ages. In the nine lessons of Journeys Through Revelation, the 2010-2011 Horizons Bible study, Barbara Rossing leads us to a renewed creation in which God comes to live with us on earth
For Everything, A Season Bible Study - English
A 9-session Bible Study on the seasons of the church year, which follows the life of Christ, written by Kathleen Long Bostrom and produced by the award-winning Horizons Magazine. The study includes questions and a prayer at the end of each lesson, as well
Resistance and Restoration: The Message of the Prophet Jeremiah
Annual Bible Study of Presbyterian Women for 1998-99; Alice Ogden Bellis-author; nine lessons.