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Presbyterian Women
Horizons Magazine
Presbyterian Women
Bound Together in Love
Presbyterian Women PW Bound Together in Love is the creation of Presbyterian Women 1978-88 and was written by Barbara McDonald. It explains the history of PW.
Presbyterian Women in Mission - 2010 Mission Yearbook insert
The 2010 Mission Yearbook insert educates Presbyterians about PW, its purpose, its history of mission work and its vision for the future. Limit 5
Horizons Promotional Skit; Get your own copy
"Get your own copy" is the catch phrase in this skit promoting Horizons magazine and Bible study.
PW Logo Lapel Pin
Cloisonne pin of PW logo.
Presbyterian Women Logo Stickers
1" PW Logo Stickers. Roll of 100
Planning With A Purpose
This booklet provides Presbyterian Women groups with a useful tool for programmatic use of the PW purpose. It further serves as a helpful resource for assisting, enhancing and promoting PW.
A Legend and A Legacy: An Autobiography of Shanti Solomon
An autobiography of Shanti Solomon, the founder of the Fellowship of the Least Coin movement.
Presbyterian Women 2007 Thank Offering
Coin/Bill Box
Making giving easy! Distribute the redesigned Presbyterian Women Thank Offering coin box to your circles, Sunday School classes, even families and enable the support of the Thank Offering! Pack of 10.
Millennium Development Goals/ Presbyterian Women Purpose Wallet Card

Concerned about poverty worldwide? Is your group looking to raise awareness? Inform your constituents of the UN's Millennium Development Goals and Presbyterian Women's Purpose with this coated wallet card listing the goals on one side, the points of the PW Purpose on the other. Pack of 25. Limit two free packs per order; additional packs $1.00 each.

Advocacy Committee for Women's Concerns Brochure
Learn about the work and membership of the committee.
Aluminum Cross From India
Featured in plenary sessions at the 2009 Churchwide Gathering of Presbyterian Women, this aluminum cross is hand embossed with lovely detail. Measures 8" x 6"
Annie the Kitchen Queen and Other Dispatches
from Forebearance Presbyterian Church
For many years, Charlotte Johnstone has shared news from the fictitious Forebearance Presbyterian Church with readers of Horizons, the magazine for Presbyterian Women. In Annie the Kitchen Queen and Other Dispatches from Forebearance Presbyterian Church,
Becoming the Beloved Community
Antiracism Video and Study Guide

Designed to encourage meaningful dialogue about racism and to equip people of faith to work together to eradicate racism and bring about the beloved community that God intends. The DVD has four 15-minute segments. The accompanying study guide includes questions for reflection and dialogue.

Building Community Set

Set of two Presbyterian Women resources dealing with community building.  Customers will save $2.00 by purchasing the set, rather than ordering the two resources individually.  The set includes Communication Basics and Building an Inclusive Caring Community Through Dialogue.

Celebrating the Legacy, Visioning the Future, Living the Jubilee
Celebrating the Legacy, Visioning the Future, Living the Jubilee: Fellowship of the Least Coin at Fifty in celebration of its 50th year, women from around the world describe in their own words their encounter with and commitment to the ecumenical Fellowsh
Churchwide Gathering Logo Multicolor Glass Ornament
Enjoy the beautiful 2009 Churchwide Gathering logo every day with this full-color stained glass-like ornament/suncatcher. Measures 4" across.
Coming Home:
Asian American Women Doing Theology

Written by Unzu Lee. We listen to the voices of the Asian Women Doing Theology from the vantage point of women in the Asian American context. Faithful to their backgrounds, their pain and their own understandings of their faith commitments and their cultural heritages, Lee describes the varied perspectives that contribute to an Asian American perspective. Lee explores Biblical understanding, cultural experience and identity of Asian American women probing the who, why and how of theological reflection. She challenges one to consider the reality often experienced as "neither/nor" and consider an alternative in which one can be "both/and."


Creative Ministries Offering Brochure
This informational brochure explains the Presbyterian Women's Special Offerings; Birthday Offering and Thank Offering, and includes information for proposals. Limit 50.

The Women's Handiwork Project in Huari Khrai, Thailand, created these totes.  The Handiwork Project helps keep women and children from falling prey to the sex industry.  All totes are black with multicolor cross-stitched ribbon trim on one side and a zippered compartment on the other.

Dignity & Exploitation
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