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Presbyterian Panel Report May 2009: The Environment
Presbyterian Panel Report February 2008: Volunteering and Other Topics
When Pregnancy Involves Loss
When You Need Wisdom
There's Always a Father
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Confessing the Beatitudes—Horizons Bible Study, Ecumenical e
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Steadfast Hope 2nd Edition
Starting New Churches: A Discernment Process Vol. 3.0
handbook for Committee on Preparations for Ministry Moderators
Gun Violence, Gospel Values: Mobilizing in Response to God's Call
Becoming an HIV and AIDS Competent Church: Prophetic Witness and Compassionate Action
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When No Choice is Easy

 This resource has been developed for women facing the news of a problem pregnancy in a variety of difficult circumstances regarding their pregnancy - e.g., being regarded as a minor, or being the victim of rape or incest or if there is a congenital anomaly in the fetus. Third Edition 2010.

Item Number: 2752610001

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When You Need Wisdom

This resource is for pastor-counselors who are helping others face the news of a problem pregnancy in a variety of difficult circumstances. As God has expressed love and grace in Jesus Christ, so we are to express that love and grace to one another when face with difficult and complex circumstances regarding problem pregnancies. Third Edition 2010.

When Pregnancy Involves Loss

This resource is for persons helping others face the loss of a baby in a variety of different circumstances - e.g., a woman who has chosen to place a baby for adoption, or who has chosen to have an abortion, or who has miscarried a baby. In caring, compassionate love, we who have experienced God's amazing grace are called to be instruments of healing, comfort, and support to all who are struggling through traumatic experiences. Second Edition. 2010.

There's Always a Father
This resource has been developed for men facing the news of a problem pregnancy with an unmarried partner in a variety of difficult circumstances.  Third Edition 2010.